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iPhone 6S Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector


iPhone 6S Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector


Easy Tech Parts tempered glass offers the best protection for your iPhone 6s.

This glass is shatterproof, making it one of the safest to use on the market.

The glass has been manufactured to the highest standards of quality and toughness, providing optimal protection.

At a thickness of only 0,32mm, it provides really good protection while retaining a very slim, almost invisible profile.

Very easy installation with no risk of bubbles. The screen protector provides premium protection while an oleophobic coating offers fingerprint resistance, all while retaining the original touchscreen experience.

What do you get in the box?

  • Glass Screen Protector For iPhone 6s
  • Screen Cleaning Kit

Does The Colour of my iPhone 6s matter?

This screen protector is universal, which means it can be used on any colour iPhone 6s - Black or White.