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iPhone ‘XS’ and ‘XS’ MAX, the advantages of Apples new 2018 products

A comparison between iPhone XS and iPhone XS MAX could determine the better option. 

Apple is undeniably the world richest tech company and arguably the most innovative company present, in the technology market today. The company launched their first Apple computer in 1976 and from then onwards have grown in popularity and market presence. From their first ever Apple computer back in 1976 to their new 2018 iPhone ‘XS’ models, which includes iPhone ‘XS’ MAX. The ‘iPhone XS’ and iPhone ‘XS’ MAX has large displays, faster face identification, is more water resistant (meaning you can drop your phone into 7 feet of water for 30 minutes and your phone is likely to survive it) and also a dual camera system.

Apple has achieved great success, as they consistently move forward. However, does the Apple iPhone ‘XS’ represent the future? Apple would argue that it does. Considering, that last year they described the iPhone ‘XS’ as the future of smartphones, due to its Face ID replacement of the finger sensor and edge-to-edge display. The iPhone ‘XS’ models are more high-end versions of the iPhone ‘X’. This includes the iPhone ‘XS’ MAX, iPhone XR which are all successor models of their predecessor the iPhone ‘X’.  There have been several positive reviews for the new iPhone ‘XS’ and iPhone ‘XS’ MAX. However, some argue that there are some negatives.

 Photograph: Noah Berger

In the past, Apple introduced larger sized iPhone screens, which provided better camera capabilities. This year, there is the option to choose between two phones according to the size that best suits you.  iPhone ‘XS’ averages from £999-£1,340, depending on the gigabytes.  is it worth that much money? The iPhone ‘XS’ screen size is similar to the iPhone 7 plus, as it is 5.8 inches, compared to the iPhone XS max that is 6.5 inches. Therefore, if you prefer a larger sized screen, the iPhone XS MAX may be a better option. It is more expensive, as it costs on average between £1,099- £1,449, the price also varies depending on the gigabytes size option selected. Both iPhone XS and iPhone XS max will be available from September 21st, 2018.  Despite the price high price tag, the increased storage, battery life, and amazing display, has made both phones worth the money. 

However, visually there is no difference between the iPhone X and iPhone ‘XS’. The iPhone ‘XS’ offers consumers the opportunity to upgrade to a more powerful version of the iPhone X.  iPhone ‘XS’ includes amazing redesigned speakers for better sound and balance. While travelling long journeys, you can also be assured that your battery will not run out quickly. In comparison, the iPhone ‘XS’ MAX battery is statistically more impressive, it lasts 90 minutes longer than the iPhone x and the iPhone ‘XS’ only lasts 30 minutes longer.  Both new phones are also able to be charged quicker.  

In addition, the new processor within the iPhone ‘XS’ and iPhone ‘X’ is incredibly fast. This allows for more cutting-edge games and apps, with video games being more detailed. In addition, they have both received positive reviews regarding the performance. This includes impressive brighter, sharper and colour accurate displays. This combination of improved camera hardware with SMART HDR technology powered by A12 Bionic’s ISP offers consumers more advanced photography.    

Overall, the iPhone ‘XS’ MAX appears to be a better option. The price is understandable, as it includes a larger display and it is evident that it is Apples most expensive iPhone for a reason. However, if you consider it too expensive there is the option to purchase an iPhone XS, as it is still an upgrade from the iPhone X.  

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Yolanda Mswaka (Marketing Assistant)


Sep 22, 2018 • Posted by Janet Robinson

Love it 😊

Sep 22, 2018 • Posted by Tk

Enjoyed reading it, will share 😊

Sep 22, 2018 • Posted by Sarah

Really interesting simple to understand and straight to the point

Sep 21, 2018 • Posted by Dave Allen

Best comparison on the new iPhones that i have come across… i might get the XS hmm 🤔

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